September 30, 2022

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MISSING: Summer Wells, TN

Summer Wells

On Tuesday, June 15 Summer Wells was reported missing by her parents. Summer was reported missing from her home on Ben Hill Road in the Beech Creek community of Hawkins County around 6:30 p.m., according to authorities. She was last seen wearing a pink shirt and grey shorts. Her parents placed a call to 911 to emergency responders (see video below). The parents allege that Summer went to the basement to play after being outside gardening with her mother. Donnie Wells claims that Summer went to the basement and out the door and they “haven’t seen her since”. He claims it is unlikely that she would ever leave the house alone. He spoke of his gut feeling about her disappearance. He states that he believes some “bad person” came and got her. What is very odd is the use of Summer in the past tense when speaking of her. For those who have followed many other such missing child cases – you know that this always makes one wonder what the real truth is.

Summer’s family has had CPS investigations in their past and appear to have moved around a lot from state to state. Donnie Wells, the father of Summer also has a questionable past involving domestic violence. He was arrested last year for domestic assault. Family members in the home said that they were afraid for him to return to the home. According to local news Wells was arrested during a felony stop in the driveway. Officers noticed a strong odor of alcohol on Wells and said he was stumbling when picked up off the ground. Candus Bly claimed that Donnie Wells came home and saw someone in the driveway and thought that Candus was cheating on him. He went inside and an altercation with the individual ensued, but not before he started punching himself in his face before he left the home. Four days later, on October 19, the date of the hearing, Bly asked for the charges to be dismissed.

Donnie says that he and his wife have put the domestic violence incident behind them. Officers have been to the home several times on domestic calls. Donnie claims that Candus Bly has passed a polygraph examination.

Summer Wells is still missing and has not been found.

There have been rumors about a 15 year old who accompanied Candus and her children to a swimming hole the day before Summer’s disappearance. Family members of this young man have alleged that Candus was having an inappropriate relationship with him and that she provided alcohol that day. There are a lot of podcasts and youtube videos out there discussing this possible scenario. The Unmasked channel on youtube talked with someone familiar with the family and provided information about the boy. Also of interest was the Bikers Against Abuse organization that had attempted to remove the minor from Tennessee to bring him to New York to his father for summer break visitation.

This case is a mess. It’s sad that all of these extraneous things are going on and at the center of it is a 5-year old girl who is still missing.