September 30, 2022

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10-year-old Sophie Long from the viral #StandwithSophie video goes missing!

Last summer, during a custody exchange, Michael Long recorded his 9-year-old daughter Sophie, having a meltdown. He posted the video on social media and it went viral. The hashtag #StandwithSophie spread like wildfire and gained the attention of followers of the insane Qanon conspiracy theory. Followers of that conspiracy theory also spread rumors that “mole children” were being kept underground, under Central Park in New York City.

In the video published by Michael Long, Sophie accused her mother’s boyfriend of sexually abusing her, as well as other men. Michael Long immediately started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to cash in on his daughter after the video went viral. The crowd funding campaign collected $212,276 that the organizers, Michael Long and his wife Kourtney Chalmers, claimed went to “the incredible team that will fight for Sophie.”

However, a fraud alert was issued regarding the video and GoFundMe after Michael Long’s “Stand with Sophie” facebook page was removed due to people making threats to harm or kill Sophie’s mother Kelly Long. The fraud alert claimed that the motive for this social media campaign was a vendetta that Michael Long had against his ex-wife Kelly. That he was using his children, social media and these alleged false accusations to get back at her for divorcing him.

Sophie’s mother Kelly Long had to take her children and hide in a hotel because of the threats people were making. Armed people tracked down where she lived and paid a visit to her home. Additionally, “The Dallas Morning News” reported that false allegations spread like wildfire by Qanon conspiracy theorists that claimed the town of Frisco, Texas was a breeding ground for child trafficking. The conspiracy theorists claimed that Frisco‚Äôs Stonebriar Centre mall was one of the nations top human trafficking spots. The police had to debunk those lies.

Furthermore, the Amicus lawyer appointed as an independent party by the court, in the custody battle between Kelly and Michael Long, recommended that Kelly Long be awarded primary custody of Sophie and her two brothers, because she would be the better caregiver according to

The Amicus lawyer also found that when the children were in Michael Long’s care that he did not have them attend school regularly. Plus, it was revealed that Michael Long was using his daughter and the high-profile nature of her accusations as a cash cow, by selling private “face time” sessions that Sophie would participate in with supporters, including strange men that Sophie did not know.

Most importantly, the Amicus lawyer revealed that Michael Long “Doctor Shopped” Sophie around to different physicians, hoping one of them would conclude that Sophie was abused. Despite that, all the professionals that examined her, concluded she was not being abused. The Amicus lawyer also claimed that Michael Long coached his children to make accusations against their mother and her boyfriend.

Michael Long’s credibility also came into question. He has a history of claiming that he knows how to perform magic. He’s even threatened to use magic against his ex-wife Kelly Long. He also sells dirt online that he claims has “spiritual energy” in it.

What could be Michael Long motive to make up false allegations and use his own daughter as a weapon and pawn to get back at his ex-wife? Money. Michael Long filed for bankruptcy in 2011 and was $500,000 in debt.

Now, almost a year later, this case has taken another twist. Kourtney Chalmers, the wife of Michael Long left him after she discovered he was allegedly having an affair with one of the #StandwithSophie supporters he met online. Kourtney has revealed that Michael Long has taken off with Sophie and that law enforcement cannot find them. Chalmers claimed that Michael Long had to take a psych evaluation and that the results did not go in his favor. She alleges that the people possibly on the run with Michael and Sophie are his parents, as well as his alleged mistress Elissa Bordelon.

She claims after the psych evaluation did not go in his favor, that authorities went to retrieve Sophie, and that Michael and Sophie were gone.

The following screenshot is from her Facebook account.

Could Sophie be in danger with her father? We are going to continue to follow this case as it develops.