September 30, 2022

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Kroger Managers Made His Life a “Living Hell”

Milford, Ohio is a small town in southern Ohio and is backward. Last summer in the neighboring town of Bethel, Ohio there were skirmishes with white supremacists fighting individuals who were holding a BLM rally. Hundreds of counter protesters showed up to have a stand down with the 80-100 BLM supporters and they were brandishing weapons and assaulting peaceful protesters. It made national news and locals applauded the violence against those who were engaging in their constitutional right to peacefully show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement. This is how the outlying towns around Cincinnati are though. They are backward, largely unsophisticated and in this case – unintelligent.

This post is going to take a turn into a political issue because Evan Seyfried was harassed because of his political stance. He believed in science and was concerned for the health and safety of others. He went to work everyday during the height of the COVID pandemic and he did his best to protect the safety of others by wearing a mask and adhering to CDC guidelines. He was punished and terrorized for these beliefs. Evan worked in what became a very hostile work environment. He worked with individuals who believed in the politicization of the pandemic and were fanatical Trump supporters. Like many Trump fanatics they were abusive and intolerant of others’ beliefs and ideologies.

Evan had been an exemplary employee of the Kroger company for 19 years. He had never been written up until Frazee and Pigg began their harassment campaign. He was the dairy manager and when he masked up as was the Kroger store and corporate policy, the store manager, Shannon Frazee and the head of security Joseph Pigg began a calculated and terroristic initiative that would end with Evan Seyfried taking his own life on March 9, 2021.

According to the complaint, Frazee would leave holes in the dairy schedule which would cause a backlog of product to pile up which would then force Evan into not being able to complete the work in allotted full time hours per week. When he would request overtime hours to complete these duties, Frazee would deny him. Other employees began sabotaging dairy product which resulted in Evan being written up. One employee resigned because they refused to be a participant in the harassment. Frazee and Pigg pitted other employees against Evan and at one point, these individuals began following him home to further terrorize him. If that wasn’t skeevy enough, unknown numbers began sending child porn to his cell phone. He was in contact with corporate and union representatives all the while with no results. He was so beaten down by the harassment that he resigned as the dairy manager and requested a transfer to another store which was summarily denied.

Evan quit his job in early March. Another employee quit after him stating that he would not work there with Evan gone. On March 8, 2021 Evan and his father visited a large personal injury law firm in Cincinnati to see what could be done about someone sending child porn to his phone and his work situation. Evan had his first psychotic break and took off. The stress was too much for him and his father found him wandering the streets two hours later. When his father found him he told him that Frazee and Pigg were “going to get” him and that “things would get ugly”. Evan’s father found him in his room two hours later dead from self-inflicted knife wounds. He had cut his wrists and slashed his own throat.

Evan’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Kroger, Shannon Frazee and Joseph Pigg. They also included the following claims: (complaint below post if you want to read it).

  • Vicarious liability, respondeat superior, ostensible agency, and agency
  • Conspiracy
  • Intentional infliction of emotional distress
  • Negligent infliction of emotional distress
  • Invasion of privacy
  • False light
  • Employer intentional tort
  • Negligent hiring, supervision, and retention
  • Negligent failure to provide
  • Sexual harassment
  • Retaliation
  • Constructive discharge
  • Reckless willful, and wanton conduct
  • Intentional spoliation¬†

As of Tuesday, Shannon Frazee is STILL employed by Kroger companies. She has also deleted her social media.

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